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2 gratis Tickets für das Konzert am Freitag in der “Alti Moschti”

"From Here to the Stars" upcoming US Release

"From Here to the Stars" will be realeased in the US by Spectrarecords™ . I’ll be posting and let you know about release dates, concert dates and much more. In the mean time, you can download the song "At the Border of the Universe" for free by subscribing to the mailing list.

Have a funky and productive week everybody!

- Sebastian

Find a lot of information and the latest news here:

In store now! (Taken with Instagram)

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New Smart Phone App

Hi guys,

Let me tell you that I’m very sorry to announce that the mobile app that so many of you are using is going to shut down in the week of the 15th of September. But don’t worry! If you visit the website ( with your phone, you can download the new version.

Really sorry for this inconvenience.

Nice to have you on board and more cool stuff coming here soon!!



This special YouTube version that was intended as a promotion track had great resonance. Some of you showed me the track on their cell phones after the shows and listen to it regularly from the video. Therefore, I decided to make it available of all the lovely space traveller who decide to join the family.


Follow this link: to my official download page and leave your name and email to download the track for free.

Thanks for being on board of this marvelous journey!



Thanks to Yannik and Dani for the hard work. All the scenes have been recorded and some video clip previews will be available as soon as they have cut and post produced the material.

From Here to the Stars - Hot USA digital release

On my way to one of my favorite local open air festival on the Gurten (@Gurtenfestival). Lenny Kravitz, Nneka, Noel and the Roots will be playing next to the doorsteps and to celebrate this musical highlighted moment, Bobby and the rest of the amazing crew from Spectrarecords classifies my second record, From Here to the Stars, as their hot release. You’re more than welcome to visit the website and download the digital copy from amazon. It’s festival time! Take care everybody and enjoy the summer! - Sebastian Spectra Records classifies FROM HERE TO THE STARS as a hot release.

Release party @ the Mahogany Hall in Bern on the 12th of February for the official Swiss album version of “From Here to the Stars”.

Alternative Electro Rock Ballad by recording artist Sebastian Portillo. The album is available on iTunes and appearing in physical form later this year in the United States and Canada.

Please visit for more music and subscribe to the Sebastian Portillo Official Youtube Channel to stay tuned.

Thanks for being a part of the family!

Band of the Week on Radio Inside

Radio Inside Logo

Starting on Monday the 28th of May, the album will be presented everyday in their show until Sunday at 10.30am. Together with Michael, Simone, Cyrill and Beat we were nominated “Band of the Week”.

All shows will be replayed at 7.30pm of the same day.

Thanks to Radio Inside for chosing us and I’m looking forward to talking to you in the daily shows!

- Sebastian


Promotional Video from 2011 as a teaser for the new album “From Here to the Stars” - The song is available on all online music stores. Physical album exclusively available in Switzerland and coming soon in the United States of America later this year. Thanks for staying tuned!

Aufgezeichnete Sendung vom 19. Mai 2012 - Sebastian ist als Gast von Jaqueline Raljic bei Radio Rottu Oberwallis in der Sendung “zum Kaffee” eingeladen und spricht über seine Musik, seine Einflüsse und das neue Album.